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HR & Management Consultants:

We offer an array of hr solutions tailored to accurately address all the human resource and management needs of any organization.

We have a proven track record of supporting both local and foreign employers with professional manpower, better than other recruitment agencies of our nature in Kenya.  We are diversified in the sectors and industries in which we connect Kenyan professionals with employers.

 Our recruitment and selection process entails:

  • Job advertisement
  • Interviews & screening
  • Interview scheduling for the client
  • Facilitation of reference checks & document verification
Fully Accredited and Registered With National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) – Ref No: NITA/TRN/1784

HR Outsourcing Services:

HR Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re-energizing organizations in our mean economies. The most common reasons to consider outsourcing are to improve the quality and offerings of HR service delivery, increase productivity, save money and, of course, to reduce the risk for your organization.

We are aware that dealing with staff issues is time consuming especially adhering to the labour requirements. By employing our outsourcing services, executives have more time and spare energy to devote to the essential, profitable business strategies and objectives.

 We have an in-house capacity development plan for outsourced staff so as to ensure consistent skills set as required by clients. To us they remain as core staff.

Compensation and Salary Survey Services

These surveys are conducted to help clients ensure that their compensation practices are, or remain, competitive. They generally focus on cash compensation practices – i.e., base salaries, incentive compensation, bonus arrangements, etc. – but can also include benefit and perquisite practices.

HR Audit Services:

HR is a system within a system and actions or non-actions of your HR Department affect the entire organization. The HR audit is the primary means of analyzing HR effectiveness and efficiency and objectively reporting findings to include developmental recommendations from a best practice perspective. 

The HR compliance audit also improves compliance, if indicated, and develops further infrastructure to support and grow the potential of the company’s Human Capital. An audit targets areas relative to organizational development and human resource management practices.

 The human resources audit checklist should include the following:

Staffing and Hiring

Benefits Administration

HR Administration

Employment Practices

Education and Training

Time Off and Leaves

Health and Safety

Performance Management



Job Evaluation Services:

We understands that your business can suddenly grow and you need to hand off more of the accounting work so you can focus on your clients and your marketing.

Job Evaluation is a systematic determination of the relative worth of jobs within the organization and is concerned with the value of a job to the organization. The job evaluations process determines the worth of each job, relative to other jobs, by establishing a hierarchy of positions within an organization. The entire process is based on the job description, i.e. job evaluations are typically completed after the job analysis and job descriptions are complete.

The Typical Components of our Job Evaluation Exercise

Job Analysis– Job classifications, descriptions and specifications;

Actual job values/worth;

Salary Structure/Remuneration Scheme;

Salary Survey Report containing recommendations on remuneration and benefits structure;

Schemes of Service;

Staff Maintenance and Retention;

Performance Management and Appraisal System;

A frame work for harmonization of remuneration and benefits that would guide existing and future remuneration and benefits.

A solid performance management system is a valuable process that should provide a framework for meeting or exceeding organizational goals. A performance management system must be aligned to the strategic goals, cascading across your organization and linked to actual job content and job specifications to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Without these elements built into your system, it is likely that you are not satisfied with your existing performance management system. Top management commitment is the key ingredient to successful implementation along with training and on-going evaluation of the system.

We will facilitate the development of core organizational competencies, influence SMART goal setting, and clearly articulate expectations in order to have a measurable results-oriented tool for effective implementation. Our performance management process is designed to be future-focused, support pay for performance programs, monitor milestones of goal achievement, and systematically improve the measured results of your employees and organization. Our process includes training for all levels of management and staff.

Provision and Management of Outsourced Staff

Any natural or legal person, independent of the public authorities, which provides services consisting of employing workers with a view to making them available to a third party, who may be a natural or legal person (referred to as a “user enterprise”). 

The user enterprise assigns their tasks and supervises the execution of these tasks.

Our duties and responsibilities in offering this service include but not limited to:-

  • Recruitment of staff upon request by our clients’ authorized use representatives.
  • Issuing letters of contract clearly indicating terms and conditions of employment.
  • Keeping details of all the staff contracts at all times and liaising with our clients’ representatives in making renewals.
  • Administering disciplinary procedures and actions.
  • Preparation of the payroll and administration of salaries and wages.
  • Leave management.
  • Staff performance appraisal where applicable.
  • Deduction and remittance of statutory deductions to the various statutory bodies and filing relevant returns.
  • Handling of the staff grievances as per the relevant labor laws.
  • Spot check to ensure the staffs in the list are actually in their respective stations of work.
  • Salary surveys and advising our clients accordingly.
  • Taking up an appropriate insurance covers for the staff we have sent to work for our clients.
  • Taking up appropriate medical cover for the staff where the client requests

Stocktaking Services

Regular stocktaking is an important duty for any stock carrying business, but businesses will often neglect this as it takes up valuable management and staff time.

Outsourcing your stocktake to us will free up staff time and give you accurate reports that are tailored to your business, with minimum disruption to the running of your business.

Regular stocktaking enables you to:

 1.Maintain product availability

 2.Avoid overstocking to improve cashflow Identify areas of stockloss

3. Produce accurate profit and loss accounts

4. We specialise in stocktaking for the licensed trade, hospitality industry and independent retailers

Warehouse Management Services

With effective management of warehousing operations, better customer satisfaction, lowered costs and a greater edge over business competitors can be realized. Poor warehouse management and unstructured in-house operations can contribute to major losses in inventory. Companies lacking expert warehouse management services face the risk of redundancy where automation systems are not used in warehouses or where staffs are not trained on technology use for inventory management. Lack of these skills also increases risks of financial losses arising from slow operations, incorrect routing, and delays in shipments to consumers in the market.

We offer the key to warehousing operations which can easily eliminate all the risks and problems associated with inefficient in-house warehousing. We strive to eliminate redundancy by employing appropriate and modern technology to replace manual documentation of inventory. With these services, our clients’ businesses also benefit from inventory accuracy arising from the use of automated systems to account for stock at hand, inventory inflow and outflow all on an up-to-date basis.

We provide stability in the supply chain by enabling a business to meet fluctuating demands in the supply chain. We make this possible by our ability to effectively adjust inventory outflow to meet market demand. By using warehousing software and advanced technology in warehousing operations, we are able to maintain day-to-day performance monitoring of clients’ warehouses which further improves their business efficiency and provides competitive advantage.