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At Edition Line Associate, we pride ourselves on our ability to make clients’ businesses run more efficient and cost-effectively, allowing you to spend more time running your business and less time on details such as bookkeeping and payroll. 

Business advisory and consulting, accounting practice providing an array of services including unclaimed financial assets solutions, corporate finance, risk & compliance, forensics, loss control solutions, process improvements, tax, accounting, company secretarial services and information technology services.

Management Services & Training:

Edition Line Associate offers excellent Management Training Programs and Corporate Training Seminars in Kenya.Edition Line Associate professionals want to our help clients to be knowledgeable of the business regulation and management compliance needs. 

Building competencies for the various management needs among our clients eyeing the Kenyan market is our ultimate objective.We have compiled customized training packages tackling all relevant business, management and Corporate issues experienced in Kenya and Africa in general. 

Through our perfected business management courses, we take our clients through cutting edge facilitation that supports future competencies.We recognize the benefits of a wholesome entrepreneurial skill profile in our clients, which can only be effected through training. 

The role of learning in creation of competencies complements our willingness to instill sustainable impact in our business services portfolio.The nature of managerial work demands a complete understanding of the various cultural diversity implications in business ethics.

We particularly mold our clients into award deserving CEOs, Directors, Managers and Supervisors through impacting the relevant Training skills in Kenya and beyond using unique Training styles.We are renowned Kenya management and training consultants.

At Edition Line Associate, our team also offer leadership training, team building packages, Sales training Programs, electronic records management training , records management courses  and Company Secretarial and legal compliance training that meets Local and international Standards.

We also provide In house workshops Training tailor made to meet each clients’ individual training needs at work place or in a training facility outside work premises.

Other Trainings

  • Lean Supply Chain Management.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Budgeting.
  • Risk Management.
  • Corporate & Personal Budgeting.
  • Strategic management.
  • First Aid,Fire Safety,Occupational Safety & Health Training Solutions